How to Prepare for Your Initial Godshall Interview

Thanks so much for contacting Godshall--we look forward to working with you!  The following information will help prepare you for your scheduled interview:


  • 310 University Ridge, Greenville, SC 29601
    We are across the street from the County Square offices. We are in a brick building with a large Godshall sign at the street. If you go to the Contact tab of our website, you will find a simple map. 

How to Dress and What to Bring:

  • We suggest you dress as you would for an interview with one of our clients.
  • Please bring a copy of your resume.
  • It is not necessary to arrive early for your appointment.

What to Expect:

When we originally set your interview, you should have received an email with a URL and code to access Godshall's portal to complete your profile and pre-registration documents. Please do your very best to complete all pre-registration in the dashboard of the Godshall portal before your Godshall interview.  This should take you less than 15 minutes.  

The day of your Godshall interview, you will speak with a recruiter that specializes in your background. If this is an onsite interview with Godshall, you do not need to arrive early for your interview.  Because all of your pre-registration documents have been conveniently completed before your interview, your time in our office will be 15-30 minutes.

Computer Testing:

Many of the companies we represent require us to confirm your software skills. After your Godshall interview, we will email you the tests to be done in the convenience of your home. 

For Medical Placements Only:

In addition to the above, please bring any documentation that you have for the following: BLS, MMR, PPD, Varicella, Hep B, Physical, High School Diploma or GED, and your Clinical License. Anything that you don't have can be acquired at a later date.

What to Do After Your Interview:

  • If you did not originally submit your resume to us in Word format, we ask that you upload your most up to date resume in Word format as soon as possible.
  • Because you have now met with a Godshall recruiter, you do not need to submit your resume to us again for additional jobs thru our website.
  • Please keep the following information up to date in the Godshall portal:  your contact information, resume, and availability date.

Your file will stay active for 30 days after your original interview with Godshall. To keep your file active, please continue to update your availability date through the Godshall portal.

We look forward to working with you!  Thanks so much for choosing Godshall Professional Recruiting and Staffing!