Thank you for choosing to work with Godshall! To prepare you for assignments with Godshall, please review the following forms. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your recruiter at (864) 242-3491. We are proud to have you represent us!

New Employee Forms

Godshall Vacation/Holiday Policy/Benefits

Vacation is paid on the employee's average rate of pay on all assignments in a calendar year if the employee has had different rates of pay during that year. The employee must work 1040 hours of service with no more than a 5-day break to be eligible. It is the responsibility of the employee to request vacation pay. We are not able to carry over vacation payout requests past the termination date of the assignment. Earned vacation will only be paid at the termination of an assignment at Godshall's discretion.

Holiday hours are paid according to the employee's normal working hours for that day. The employee must work 1040 hours of service prior to the holiday to be eligible, with no more than a 5-day break in service.

Godshall values the contributions of our employees. In appreciation of dedicated service, Godshall offers a comprehensive and Major Medical health care plan, partnering with United Health Care for all eligible employees. If you reach 60 days with an average of 30 hours per week, you are eligible. Coverage will become effective first of the month following 59 days of employment. In addition, we offer a minimum essential care and indemnity plans with no wait period. For the major medical plans, please return your application for coverage prior to your 60th day of employment should you intend to enroll in coverage.