Questioning whether to use a staffing agency to find your new career? First, can we say we are more than just a temporary staffing agency. We staff and recruit for three types of positions: contract, temp-to-hire and direct hire roles.

  • Contract/Temporary - These types of positions typically have a designated end date; occasionally some do have the potential to last longer or may even lead into a long term role.  Companies who have this type of need generally are looking to fill a medical leave, an employee’s absence, or need an extra hand with their increased workload. Many do not realize there are several benefits that come with working a contract role. Your skills stay cutting edge with all the different assignments and needs coming in. You are not tied down and have more flexibility when you work contract roles. If you need 2 weeks off in the summer to take a trip to the Bahamas, go for it!

  • Temp to Hire - This type of role is exactly how it sounds. You work as a temporary employee of Godshall and then are hired by the company if everything goes well. Clients hiring for this role could have several reasons for it. This type of role benefits both sides: client and candidate. Temp-to-hire positions allow the client and you the candidate to test out the waters before jumping in.

  • Direct Hire - This type of role is when the client hires you directly from us. You are never an employee of Godshall. One of the main benefits to this type of role is employees start accruing eligibility for the company’s insurance vs. waiting until your temp period with Godshall is over to start.


Now that we have clarified the types of positions we have, let us go through reasons you should choose Godshall to help in finding your next career opportunity.

  • No Black Hole - Tired of applying and never knowing what happens next? At Godshall, you can rest assured your resume is seen, saved, and then shared with every client whose job requirements match your skillset and experience.

  • We Can Advocate for You - We have direct access to the hiring manager for all the jobs we have posted. You could apply to a job on your own easily, but there is no guarantee it is going to get past the application tracking system into the hiring managers hands. We can not only get it into the right persons hands, but we can also advocate for you and share why you would be such a great fit!

  • We Know About Confidential/Unadvertised Jobs - There are several hundred jobs out there being advertised. But did you know there are hundreds that are not being advertised too? Many companies do not want to deal with going through resumes and interviewing hundreds of applicants on their own. That is why they use Godshall. There are also companies looking to replace roles as well. Either way, we know the scoop and we are willing to share!

  • No Scams or Unethical Companies - There are several scams out there or companies that would not line up with your ethical standards. You can rest assured we only work with well-respected, established, and reputable companies in the Upstate.

  • We Work While You Work - While we never suggest you put all your eggs in one basket, we can guarantee that we are searching for you and our clients daily! Use Godshall as a resource to save you time and energy!

  • Guidance and Wisdom - Godshall has been in the hiring industry for 50 years now. We know the best tips on what to do for a job search. We can share resume tips, interview tips, and how to make a great first impression once you land a job. Let us share our experience, knowledge, and insights with you today!